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    Unable to handle the detail block data......

      Dear All,

      I am creating a form with 3 blocks.

      Control block,
      Header Block,
      Detail Block.

      First i have entered a record in the control block.

      Then i navigate to header block,entered the first record for Header Block.

      Then i navigate to Detail block,entered the first record for detail Block.

      then i again navigate to Header Block..

      Now the Problem comes....

      As i am Trying to enter second record for header block,the pop up comes as "Do you want to save the changes".

      Condition 1:
      i dont want that message to appear for every header record i enter.

      Condition 2:
      For every header record i enter,Corresponding detail record would have been entered.i want that detail records to be retained if i am clicking that header record, as i have already created relationship for both header block and detail block.

      How can i resolve this.

      Thanks in Advance....