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    IBM V7000 with Oracle Database 10g RAC

      Hello everyone,

      We are going to implement an installation of Oracle RAC 10g. I know it is out dated but 10g is the only supported version for our application at the moment.
      We are using IBM v7000 with 20 Disks with 15k rpm and 300GB size.

      Could you please share your experience (if any) with implementing RAC installation with this IBM v7000.
      I'm looking into how you perform the IOPS test and how you layout the RAID configuration, the storage pools for votedisk, OCR, Data disk group, Redo disk group and archived logs disk group. Although this would be subjected to our own needs, I'm just looking for a suggestion on how this should or suggested to be done.

      This IBM v7000 introduce a Thin Provisioning technology. We had an argument here whether we should be using that or not however, none of us has ever experience in that technology. I would greatly appreciate your explanation whether we should or shouldn't use it.
      We are having two groups of people supporting and not supporting the idea of using this Thin Provisioning.

      Just a small information, this is RAC installation on Windows.
      I don't know if this information would be helpful but I think it should be informed.

      I would like to say thank you in advance for any of you who reply and give suggestions or insights.

      Thank you,
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