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    Data Guard

      Hi all experts,

      My primary database is on Windows Machine windows 2008 64 bits. The Primary database is in 11GR2. I want to create standby database for my windows based database into Solaris machine. Can you please tell me how i can do it in two different servers? I would appreciate if someone share their ideas and notes.

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          I hesitate to answer because you don't seem to close your old questions or give points to those who help. However I also believe in giving the benefit of the doubt.

          Windows Machine windows 2008 64 bits and Solaris. Data Guard will not work with this combination.

          Source :

          Data Guard Support for Heterogeneous Primary and Physical Standbys in Same Data Guard Configuration [ID 413484.1]

          The best option might be Linux which will work with Windows.

          Best Regards

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              Iam not sure u can try from linux to solaris but from windows to solaris is not possible .

              And even according me the OS must be same for Dataguard environment