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    Scheduler Not Work

      Hi all,
      i want some help with scheduler, the case is:
      the database installed first time when the database locale in normal calendar,
      the server is in hijri ,
      when i create any job schedule dont work when next run comes,
      please help
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          Thank you for providing us with all the information we need to help you.

          We have the Oracle version number.
          We have the code you were running.
          We have the full and complete error stack so we know what went wrong.
          We have output from data dictionary tables such as DBA_SCHEDULER_JOBS and DBA_SCHEDULER_RUNNING_JOBS.

          So the answer is the same as for this question: "My car won't start please tell me why?"

          In other words ... no details ... no answers are possible.
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            thank for help :) ,
            Every thing goes fine except one thing which is , why the job do not run automatically next time that specified in the create statement, i tried to find any error but i cant find one,
            look when i use the Toad and click on "run job" the job run without any error,

            "why the job do not run automatically"
            i create the same job in another database in separate machine it work automatically, but the difference is that i do not use hijrah Calendar which i have to use it in the main database;

            thank you
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              Check system parameter job_queue_processes. It must be non zero.
              In SQL*Plus
              show parameter job_queue_processes
              to set use
              ALTER SYSTEM SET job_queue_processes=<put number of processes> scope=both; 
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                thank you v much