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    Creating a Database with only RMAN backup


      I have a RMAN full backup of a 10g database( in RHEL5 server. This backup has only backup piece does not include SP file and control file. I want to create a new database with this backup in a new server. Is this possible??? How to proceed further??

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          The control file is going to be an issue.

          Even if you have CONTROLFILE AUTOBAKUP set to OFF, any backup including system tablespace should include a current control file backup.

          Find it and use this :
          RMAN>RESTORE CONTROLFILE FROM '/backup_dir/piece_name';
          Autobackup is not available but controlfile backupset is available
          rman target /
          startup nomount;
          restore controlfile from <backupset_location>;
          alter database mount;
          restore database; --required if datafile(s) have been added after the backup
          recover database;
          alter database open resetlogs; 
          If you can find the control file this may help :

          RMAN recovery to a different server when nocatalog is available


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            Shivananda Rao

            Refer this You can take a look at this http://shivanandarao.wordpress.com/2012/04/19/duplicating-primary-database-to-a-new-host-without-connecting-to-the-primary-database-in-oracle-10g11g/

            RMAN automatically backs up spfile and controlfile in the backup of datafile 1 (SYSTEM datafile). So, you can restore them from the backup piece that is having the system datafile.
            4.3.5 Backing Up Control Files with RMAN
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              You can create controlfile, if you know the names of datafiles, DB characterset and national characterset, in other words you can simulate a controlfile. After this step just force a "catalog" via rman.