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    Make IR Detail View as Default


      I am using APEX 4.2, Theme 25.

      I need to make the default view of IR as Detail View always. but the problem is the page is public and session id is : 0 .....
      - I already saved Detail View as Default Primary report.
      - Save the Report Id in an item and put the name of that item in Report ID Item.
      - Added the report alias as REQUEST.
      But to not avail ... then I end up with creating a DA on Page Load to execute this JS:
      However, it is not nice to get a sudden movement as page loads. [url http://theexecutivetowers.info/apex/f?p=DUBAI:PROPERTIES:0:] e.g: Here  Pls, click search button and see how the page loads.
      Any idea how I can make the Detail View as the Default View ??

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