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    UI Component Binding setter not called when refresh region.

      Hi All,

      I am using JDev

      I have 3 task flows namely: tf1, tf2, tf3. Each has a page fragment page1, page2, page3 respectively.

      tf1 is the most outer task flow. Inside page1, tf2 is included as a region. Similar to that, inside page2, tf3 is included as a region.

      And page3 has ui components bound to managed bean of tf3 which is in backing bean scope.

      Inside page1* (of tf1), there is a command button with the action listener which is refreshing the region of tf2 through the region binding (eg., getMyRegion().refresh(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance())).

      In the first time, the task flows are initialized as the order: tf1, tf2, tf3. And the setter of the ui component binding of tf3's backing bean is also called.

      The problem is that the setter of ui component binding of tf3 is not called when the button in page1* is pressed.

      What I understand is that when we refresh tf2 region, it will be refreshed. And the inner region(tf3) inside the page2 will be refreshed as well. And the backing bean of the page3 will be created, and all the ui component binding setters will be run. But the setter is not run. Is it because the components in page3 are not refreshed?

      Can u all plz help me with this issue? Thanks.

      Best Regards,