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    query for failed reconciliation

      Hi all,

      Please help, how to get the query for a failed reconciliation?

      I query to table recon_jobs and recon_history is not helpul..

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          Rajiv Dewan
          Use "RECON_EVENTS" and make a query on RE_STATUS (Event Received, Data Received etc)
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            Thank You for your reply, but in my case there is no data in the table "RECON_EVENTS".
            I did a reconciliation but the process fails, the process was not recorded in the table "RECON_EVENTS".
            I will make a report about this failed recon, where can I find the data about this?
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              I find solution about this, with this query :
              select distinct job_name, to_char(job_start_time,'dd/MM/yyyy') as recon_date
              from job_history
              where job_name not in (select distinct rj_name from recon_jobs rj where to_char(rj.rj_start_time,'YYYY/MM/DD') between to_char(:FromDate,'YYYY/MM/DD') and to_char(:ToDate,'YYYY/MM/DD'))
              and (to_char(job_start_time,'YYYY/MM/DD') between to_char(:FromDate,'YYYY/MM/DD') and to_char(:ToDate,'YYYY/MM/DD'))
              order by job_name asc
              this query show data failed reconciliation, data reconciliation not show in event management reconciliation.