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    DBLINK creation...

      Hi ,
      Can you please anybody tell me how to create dblink on two informix database?

      Pls its really important & urgent for me.
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          Pls its really important & urgent for me.
          nothing urgent here , this Volunteer forum  if you want urgent help pay for it ... otherwise you have to wait , and if you google it you will find document talking about that .

          Hope you wanto create DBLINK In Oracle , Otherwise Gogole it

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            If you are trying to create the Informix equivalent of a database link between two Informix databases, it would presumably make sense to ask the question on an Informix forum.

            If you are really asking how to create a database link in an Oracle database that connects to an Informix database, we can help you get Heterogeneous Services working (though we'll want to move the discussion over to the appropriate forum for that).