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    List of POJO returned from ApplModuleImpl does not seem to work


      I have a simple POJO Bean SolveInfo that contains some public getters for properties.

      Then I have a method in the application module that returns a list of SolveInfo objects:

      public class AppModuleImpl extends ApplicationModuleImpl implements AppModule {

      public List<SolveInfo> viewSolves() {


      in AppModule.xml


      Now in the 'Data Controls' window I see this method as:
      - return
      - element
      + Operations

      It only sees this as a generic element.
      If I try to drag this 'element' to a jsf page I can only make a table with 'element' as columns not the POJO attributes.

      The strange thing is that if I click on AppModuleImpl.java and do "Create Data Control" if will create a data control that does have a viewSolves method that returns a list of SovleInfo objects that is usable, but when I use that it is not running from the real application module and it does not have a valid DB connection.

      Are there some other restrictions on what can be returned from a method specified in AppModule.xml?