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    find out whether a particular table row was updated

      Hi Folks,

      In our 10.2 prod environment, I want to find out whether 11 rows was updated or not on yesterday between 2pm to 3pm. I know the table anme and have got the rows id's of interest. dont know audit is enabled or not, or its a only solution or there is some SQL to track it. I will appreciate your input(s).
      AS SYSDBA> select * from dba_tab_modifications where table_name='NETAD'
      TABLE_OWNER                 TABLE_NAME                PARTITION_NAME               SUBPARTITION_NAME                 INSERTS       UPDATES    DELETES TIMESTAMP           TRU DROP_SEGMENTS
      ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ---------- ---------- ---------- ------------------- --- -------------
      OKISI                      NETAD                                                         1458          5452        0 26-11-2012 22:13:46 NO           0
       AS SYSDBA> show parameter audit
      NAME                         TYPE      VALUE
      ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
      audit_file_dest                string      /oracle/admin/db1/adump
      audit_sys_operations               boolean      FALSE
      audit_syslog_level               string
      audit_trail                    string      NONE
      Thanks a lot.

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