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    Create ADF page based on wsdl is passing null values

    Jan-Derk Weitering

      We are creating some simple ADF forms te demonstrate our webservices that we have created for our customer.
      The first one was created without any problems.
      The second one is more complex and now i am having a problem running it.

      I noticed that the datacontrol that is created is different.
      The working one has a process with the 3 parameters direct within process
      The other has a process whit only 1 parameter "payload" underneath. That parameter declared as process_parameters (and there are the real parameters: naam, poscode, etc)
      Both pages have a split panel with left the parameters and a button and right the result (in table)

      When i tried to drag the datacontrol into the split panel you only get 1 parameter "payload" which was not the real parameter. Then i dragged the process parameters into the split panel and then you get the items on the canvas.
      However when we run the second page only empy messages are sent to the webservice.

      Is it possible the create a simple page without changing the webservice? Can i change the way the parameters are filled in an easy way?