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    Unable to save column as system wide default

      Hi All,

      I am in, I am trying to the save a column as system wide default in 11g but my changes are not getting saved or reflected?

      This is what I did using the "weblogic" user name and password

      1. Pulled a column EmpName in the criteria
      2. Added an action link to that column, which points to another dashboard page Page1
      3. Saved as system wide default by clicking on save as system wide default for "EmpName"
      4. Restarted the presentation services.

      Now when again logged in, and selected that column in my request, what I expect to see (when I run the request and go to results) is that navigtion applied on this column which will take me to the dashboard page Page1.

      But this is not happening, What is that I am missing? Can anybody please let me know