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    Calling java class that calls a web service from database


      I have tried everything, i have read everything, i have searched everywhere, with no use. I am so lost that i don't know how to start again.

      I want to call a java class from Oracle Database, this class is a client of a web service. every example on the net has some kind of an error.

      Is it even possible ?

      when i make the client app its working great, but when i want to load it into the database , using loadjava or JDeveloper or Toad, it is giving all kind of errors, and eventually when the java class is loaded to database, it is invalid and can not be used.

      I need a good, solid tutorial about loading a java class that calls a web service from database.

      Im using 11g database and 11g JDeveloper.

      Thanks in advance.