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    Getting CI Error while Update Job Code Description :

      Hi All,

      Am getting the CI error (Error saving the component interface CI_CMP_RULE_DEFN for Rate Code Defaulting Rule) while try to update the Existing Job code description. But am able to add the new job code details .

      The message catlog number MESSAGE_SET_NBR=1000 AND MESSAGE_NBR=1102 is getting trigger to throw the error.

      Can any one help me on which scenario this error will occur.

      Hari A
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          This is called in JOB_CODE_TBL SavePostChange Function Update_Jobcode_Rule.
                If (ciHasErrors(&ExceptionArray)) Then
                   /* Create an error because CI was not successfully saved. */
                   Error MsgGet(1000, 1102, "Message not found.", &RULE_ID);
          The code is already passed the getci, so you do have permissions to start this CI, but the save was unsuccessfull.
          See if you can try to find some more loggin in the appserver or run it in trace mode the see the actual error.