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    datasource connection error in adf


      I got the following error when accessing an ADF application page which utilizes a datasource connection created on Weblogic Server for displaying some data. Maximum pool size is 150 and the application is accessed rarely by different people.
      (Increased the pool size to ensure connection pool does not exhaust now and then)

      Unable to resolve 'jdbc.EBillingDS'. Resolved 'jdbc'

      I am sure the Null pointer exception is because of unavailable datasource.

      When i opened the console and clicked the save button in data source page, everything started working fine. Definitely the resolution is something to do with that Save button.

      I want to know exactly what might be the issue and how clicking the Save button in datasource page resolved it.

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          anjhawar - oracle
          Have you checked the server's jndi tree and observed the JNDI reference "jdbc.EBillingDS" is available there? In case its not the case then the application look-up is going to fail every time. But what you can also check is that whether the data source you are configuring is even running or not. Best way to check/confirm it would be restarting the server or monitoring the connection pool for the DS.

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            Joe Weinstein-Oracle
            Well, now that it's working, the only thing that the save button could have done was to
            finish/commit the deployment of that DataSource, and/or changing the jndi name...
            Some crucial aspect of the DataSource definition/deployment had not actually been
            committed yet, and your hitting the save button completed it.
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