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    how to disable temp-files automatically in ALL user-profiles?


      we use java in an attendance-clock-applet. unfortunately, the default system (JRE)-setting is always to KEEP the temporay files, which after a short while slows down all systems dramatically.

      also, very unfortunately we use shared desktops, so every person on every computer newly creates a user-account in Win7 and therefor AGAIN is equipped with the default setting that causes the trouble with the temp files in the first place. because every employee can use ANY computer where a profile is created, these settings would have to be changed (into NOT keeping he temporary files!) manually for (number of employees x number of computers)=too much work...

      i want to learn a trick, how i automatically can put de default to "do not keep temporary files on this computer" by means of a server-Group-policy!
      i am now running a "clear disc-task" from a policy, but this is ugly...

      if i install a new image on a client, or if a user creates a local profile by a login-procedure, i ALWAYS want to have the java-setting to NOT keep this trash BY DEFAULT....

      Please help, because i din`t find help in online forums or the right regitry-setting to temper with!
      thanks from Vienna, austria