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    Calling Teradata procedure with JDeveloper DB Adapter


      I would like to expose the teradata procedure as service, so i had included the below jar files to the Jdeveloper, iam able to connect to the database, thats fine, working.
      terajdbc4.jar and tdgssconfig.jar

      When i try to use database adapter to connect using the database connection, iam able to connect but when i try to select the Operation Type as Stored Procedure iam getting *"The adapter Configuration wizard doesnt support Teradata Stored Procedure"* Error.

      As a workaround, we can use java class and call the java class from OSB. But really want to know, is Jdeveloper doesnt support browsing procedure on teradata schema ?
      Or is there any problem with the JDeveloper ? Iam using JDeveloper Studio Edition version