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    Any delivered USERID for PeopleTools Application Designer in HCM9.1 v3?

    Dennis Lovelady
      Hi, Folks:

      I'm using the PeopleSoft VM Templates for HCM 9.1 Release Media Pack v3 for x86 (64 bit) distribution. Everything is working great on VirtualBox, thanks to the invaluable advice from Jim Marion's blog at http://jjmpsj.blogspot.com/2012/06/converting-peopletools-ovm-template-to.html.

      I want to start configuring colors - rebranding my instance - and, as I understand it, I need to do this with Application Designer. So I have installed Application Designer, but I cannot seem to find - nor to set up - a user who has the privilege of signing in through AD.

      I am not certain that I've set up the Configuration Manager values properly - At the moment I am using User ID SYSADM, connect ID PS, and the Connect password is the password for SYSADM. (I tried PS / PS also.) And I cannot seem to find the right combination.

      Finally, I tried setting up a new ID through Main Menu -> PeopleTools -> Security -> User Profiles -> User Profiles, but I"m not sure what to do here either. I created a new user with EOCO9000 in the four values on page 1, and assigned a bunch of roles, with ID Type "None," but really am working without guidance here.

      Is there a startup guide or other help for the templates that would help me through this bump?