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    Help required to show the required saved report when the page is opened.


      I have developed a page say "Saved Reports" showing the list of saved reports of a user. In the same page, I have provided link to call each saved report. by creating branching using Branch to function returning a Page
      I copy the function below:-
      x_page_id NUMBER;

      CURSOR cur_get_page_id

      SELECT page_id
      FROM apex_application_pages
      WHERE application_id = :APP_ID
      AND page_title = :P14_Report_name;

      CURSOR cur_get_private_page_id

      SELECT page_id
      WHERE flow_id = :APP_ID
      AND application_user = :APP_USER
      AND name = :P14_Report_name;
      OPEN cur_get_page_id;
      FETCH cur_get_page_id
      INTO x_page_id;
      CLOSE cur_get_page_id;

      IF x_page_id IS NULL THEN
      OPEN cur_get_private_page_id;
      FETCH cur_get_private_page_id
      INTO x_page_id;
      CLOSE cur_get_private_page_id;
      END IF;

      RETURN x_page_id;


      When I click the link it is going to the correct page that contains the saved report. If the page has more than one saved report the first report is listed. I want to show the correct report (i.e. which is called from "Saved Reports" page).

      I have to pass the saved report name and change the saved report to the passed report in the IR saved report dropdown list which is not currently happening.

      I can get the saved report name that is shown to the user by the script below
      'ID: ' +
      $('#apexir_SAVED_REPORTS').val() +
      ', Text: ' +
      $('#apexir_SAVED_REPORTS :selected').text()

      But I cannot change the report to the required one. I tried
      But no luck.
      Please help me to resolve.

      I am using Oracle APEX version:

      Any help on this is highly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.

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