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    OOB Email Notification

      Hi All,
      I want to implement OOB Email Notification Functionality of OIM 11g R2, for events Create User, Delete User and Disable user.

      Please help.
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          Nishith Nayan
          find below link
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            Thanks for your reply.
            But i want to configure out of box email notification provided by oim.
            I configured default email provider following below document.

            For testing, i have assigned Task Status Email Notification Email definition on Create User process task of AD, in Notifications tab.

            Email is successfully sent in below format:

            The Process task is .
            The details of this process task are as follows:

            Process Task Name:
            Process Task Status:
            Resource Name:
            Target User: []
            Assigned to: []

            Response Code :
            Response Description :
            Error Details :

            Now how i can populate these values.
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              Attributes you are looking are not OOTB supported in email template.
              So you need to create an adapter which will format the email template and send it to recipients.