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    RAC cloning using VMWare


      Just curious if anyone has looked into cloning their RAC enviornment running on VMWare?

      so create a vmware RAC template and then use it to create other RAC enviornments.

      What would be some of the issues involved given the multiple layers?

      Thank You.
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          First, I would never EVER use VMware for a RAC environment. RAC = High Availability. Splitting a single host into multiple "little" systems, then using RAC is IMProfessionO down right idiotic. Because as soon as the "host" system crashes, you no longer have HA. The only thing that I would "maybe" consider it for a test or even dev environment but never for production.

          That being said, have you looked at the documentation?
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            Thank you for the link to the documentatino. I will let you know our findings.