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    BIA Installation and configuration

      Hi All,

      I am totally new to BIA.. and in a stage of insatlling BIA and following the note - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E20490_01/bia.7963/e19038/windows_ic.htm#CBHJEJCA and we want to use this with EBS R 12.1.3

      I am installing everything in one server -> Oracle DB,OBIEE,BIA,informatica client/server , DAC client/Server. Once I get a clear picture, I will do it in a seperate servers.

      Below steps completed I hv completed.

      1- Installed windows 2003 Server

      2- Installed Oracle software and created a DB - ORCL

      3- Installed OBIEE11g - and used ORCL database for rcu.

      4- Created another 2 databases -
      a) INFA -- from template(General purpose or Transaction processing) and created user=infadomain, role=SSE_ROLE and this account will use for informatica installation
      b) DAC -- from template (Data Warehouse) and created user=dac,role=SSE_ROLE and this will use during DAC installation.
      Please correct me the above step is require ?

      c) I hv set character set to WE8ISO8859P1 for INFA and DAC databases as our EBS R12 is using characterset WE8ISO8859P1. This is ok ?
      d) In later stage we need to set Code Page and Data Movement - which one I hv to use - uncode/ASCII ?
      Please correct me on this and the one I hv to use. ?

      5- Installed Oracle BI Applications and selected all applications.

      6- Now am in installing Informatica.
      Please clarify me the about the below step. I am not understanding exactly what it means ? and this has to after installing Informatica and DAC.

      • You must co-locate the DAC Client with the Informatica PowerCenter Client Tools.

      •You must co-locate the DAC Server with Informatica PowerCenter Services.

      Then I will follow the remaining steps.

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          You can go with unicode or ascii
          Regarding your question#6,
          It would be nice to have DAC server and Informatica server on same box, since you are going with all in same box no issues, in future make sure you are putting them in one box, that helps you to configure dac or else need to go with some workarounds related to domains.infa file.

          For dac and infa clients, in generally they sit together for our dev work no need to worry.

          You got whats required.

          If helps pls mark :)
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            Thanks Srini for your reply.

            I hv installed informatica client and server using database INFA.

            All databases(DAC,INFA) characterset having WE8ISO8859P1.
            Please let me know which code page I hv to select while creating new PowerCenter Repository Service. ?