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    Download AutoVue 20.2.0

      I want to download AutoVue Office 20.2.0 for Linux x86_64 version.Is there any body knows the pack ID while I have a support account.
      Otherwise you can tell me how to search in support.oracle.com [support.oracle.com|support.oracle.com] ,thank you!
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          Warren Baird-Oracle

          We normally only make the most recent version of AutoVue available on the Oracle 'Software Delivery Cloud' - that is version 20.2.1. You can find that version by going to https://edelivery.oracle.com/, and selecting AutoVue as the product and Linux as the platform.

          If you really need 20.2.0, I believe it still available as a 'tangible delivery' - I think the process is to open an SR requesting that specific version, and that will kick off a process to delivery a DVD to you.

          Best regards,

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            Daniel Gariepy-Oracle
            Hi Zhanfeng,

            Please have a look at Note 1071023.1 in My Oracle Support for details on how to request a physical shipment of AutoVue 20.2.0.