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    Need help on before update trigger concept through form personalization

      I need some help to build a personalization on oracle form .
      Here is my scenario:

      I have two fields , say , field a and filed b .
      When you change field "a" value field "b" value also changes , which we don't want .
      If i build a trigger I can get this done by using :old_value and :new_value in before update trigger on field "b". But client don't want a trigger.
      So is there a way I can get this done through form personalization ?

      I tried the following ways with no success.
      1. When new form instance capture field "b" value and populate attribute1 with that value.
      2. when validate record on filed "a" i tired to populate attribute1 value to field "b".

      This is not working as in step 2 we don't get a value from attribute1 unless we commit the record.

      In other words, I want to save the value of field "b" in some cache and retrieve and use it again before commit the record.