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    Add user to proxy service

      Hi, im developing an application to automate the security implementation of proxy services in Oracle Service Bus 10g, but i found this http://ohnoes-nz.blogspot.com.ar/2012/03/oracle-service-bus-using-wlst-to-secure.html to do that, thats works fine, but when i try to add a new user, the code it's deleting the previously users configured in the proxy service, i need to know if its possible to add a security policy user based without deleting the policies previously configured , or obtain the users that are configured int the proxy service

      the code im using:

      def applyTransportSecurityPolicy(serviceSecurityConfigurationMBean, authorizer, proxyReference, policy):

      policyHolder = serviceSecurityConfigurationMBean.newAccessControlPolicyHolderInstance(authorizer)
      policyScope = serviceSecurityConfigurationMBean.newTransportPolicyScope(proxyReference)