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    ADI and pl/sql tables or collections

      I know that Web ADI allows you to call API's instead of interface tables. If the Oracle API has a pl/sql table type as a parameter, is it possible to use that API with Web ADI? Below is the oracle API that I would like to use that has the pl/sql table in the parameter.

      MTL_CROSS_REFERENCES_PUB.PROCESS_XREF (p_api_version => 1.0
      ,p_init_msg_list => FND_API.G_TRUE
      ,p_commit => FND_API.G_TRUE
      ,p_xref_tbl => l_xrefs_tbl
      ,x_return_status => l_api_return_status
      ,x_msg_count => l_msg_count
      ,x_message_list => l_msg_list --l_msg_data

      If this is supported any examples available would be great. Thanks for your responses.