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    VO and EO Extension simultaneously

      HI OAF Gurus,

      I have a question regarding the approach of Extension. Below is my scenario

      1) I have a VO that is based on a EO (lets call this VO1 and EO1)
      2) I need to have a few additional columns captured as part of the requirement, so i need to extend the EO and the VO
      3) I extended the EO1 to EO2, by including the additional columns necessary
      4) Now the question is regarding the VO extension. When I extend the VO1 to VO2, my question is
      a) Should VO2 be based on EO1 or the extended EO2?
      b) Is there a need to use the "extends " functionality to mention details about the VO1?
      c) Either approach i take, my issue is while running locally, after substituting, the VO substitution is not being visible, only the EO substitution is taking place
      (I have substited and also used -Djbo property)

      Any idea why?

      - Gautham Kanaparthy