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    Need: primer/guide on admin; advice on T5120 boot freeze

      Hi. Due to a coworker moving on I've just inherited administration of several machines, including a T5120 1U server
      running Solaris 10 that (as if on cue) is now freezing during boot.

      I am not normally a sysadmin at all: I administer my personal Linux machine at home, and admin'd various Unix-ish machines
      in the early 90s, but I haven't handled admin responsibilities for quite some time and know next to nothing about what's
      different administering Solaris from other Unixes. So the first help I could really use: a web resource for educating myself
      on relevant admin stuff. I've googled things like "solaris administration primer" without much success.

      The second thing I could use: advice on how to proceed with my problem T5120. With much effort figuring out the
      T5120 Administration Guide available online from Oracle, I was finally able to get a system console using an RS-232
      connection on a nearby Linux server. Through the ILO system, I was able to watch the boot process, see that it
      gets through the power-on self tests OK, starts to boot SunOS off of disk, gets through the first few banner lines
      of the OS boot, shows me a twirling cursor (slashes and dashes), and then freezes. The thing that occurs to me
      to do next, from my Linux experience, is to boot off the CDROM to get a shell; but assuming that works OK,
      I'm not sure what I'd check once I got there.

      Thanks for any help/advice with either of these issues.
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          You've probably found it alreadly, but oracle/sun provide a fair source of stuff:


          In particular:


          Particularly ch.14 May be useful. ( there again it might be dangerous).


          One gotcha is if you are working with svm mirrored root/boot disks and you end up applying changes to one and not the other .... corrupion may occur ... you are at risk of that if you boot from cdrom unless you unmirror the disks.



          There's no overall primer I can think of. For solaris 10 the OpenSolaris Bible (Bible (Wiley)) possilby contains a lot of good stuff and relatively readable ..... it is opensolaris not solaris 10 so a few things are a half way house between solaris 10 and 11 ... but it probably gives a good overview .... but it it's not totally authorative and could occasionally misleading. ISBN-13: 978-0470385487.

          I also note: Solaris 10 System Administration Essentials (Solaris System Administration) : Publication Date: 23 Nov 2009 | ISBN-10: 013700009X | ISBN-13: 978-0137000098 | Edition: 1 ... but I've never used it myself.


          Also: Calkins ISBN-13: 978-0789737908 and ISBN-13: 978-0789738172 might also be useful. I'd get the hardcopy with the cdrom.


          Be repard any of above may disappoint, and not be what your're looking for. so read reviews. The kindle editions may have poor indexing.


          This is just really a set of places to look.



          You might also find it useful to get auto-boot? set to off so the thing stops at the OBP OK prompt:

          .... You'd need to be doing something like this:-



          That might get you to the OBP prompt where you could try a "boot -s"


          I (just about) know enough to get myself by .... I'm not really good at directly people remotely and could get them into trouble.

          .... Obviously if you have support contract with oracle life is easier. ......

          Please be careful following my notes, you could make a bad situation worse (and I accept no responsbility if you do), and I'm happy for others to suggest better.