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    How to change the UI (Panel tab , Button & Layout) in FM standard page

      Hi All,

      Could you please help me to understand for resolve the below problem.

      I have some requirement to change the position of the UI & Panel component in Oracle Standard FMW ADF pages.
      Requirement like change the command button from standard position to another position in UI and change the sequence of pannel tab as per user .At present the tab sequence as given by Oracle standards.

      Previuously i worked on scratch based custom ADF11g applications & know about MDS customization at the time of development & runtime.

      But not aware how to do this type of changes in Oracle standard ADF pages.

      Because as per my knowledge it's happen if you change in original XML (correct .jspx or .jsff page) file.Yes i know the custom classs , layer and layer value concept and applied that on custome applications.

      So, my question is 1. Is it possible to change the position of UI component(like above) in Oracle Standard FMW pages (As per Oracle Support Policy )?
      2. If yes then could you plz share your knowledge or any link where it's describe the steps or procedure to change in Oracle FMW standard pages.

      Thanks in Advance