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    Source Plan Type Problem

    Rodrigo André Faustino
      Hello experts,

      I would like to understand how Source Plan Type works for an Account that is present two plans.

      We have an Account (% Chargeability) which is used in two plans (plan 1 - without Staff detail, plan 2 - with staff detail).
      In plan 2, the account is input and it's calculated through a Business Rule at the aggregation levels.

      I was expecting that at plan 1 the Account would be the result of the aggregation in plan 2 (Aggregation of Staff).

      However, it seems that the Cross Reference isn't considering the aggregated values of plan 2 and is presenting the SUM of %Chargeability.

      Do you know why this is happening and how we could solve the problem?

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          Madhavi Banavali
          Can you check the automatically created XREF formula in the Plan 1 which is not the Source plan type for the given member?

          What I understand is in Plan 1 you do not have the staff dimension? Is that correct? If yes, then the XREF in Plan 1 should refer to the Dimension level or Relevant Parent level in the Staff dimension which exists in Plan 2.

          You will have to tweak the XREF to get the result.

          I hope I am getting your issue correctly.