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    Diagnostic tool analysis

      I am working on exadata project. totally new to me . i want to know how to analysis sundiag report.because when we raise SR with oracle for some issue they request us to generate sundiag report. i want to know how i can analysis it myself. so that i can also provide some feebback.simpleright now i am uploading the sundiag log & waiting for their update.can some one help me.
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          Marc Fielding

          sundiag is a tool that has actually been around for a long time for hardware troubleshooting on Sun systems. In the Exadata context, it's typically used to collect various system diagnostics, including:

          /var/log/messages: Linux system log
          dmesg: kernel messages
          imageinfo: Exadata software versions
          lspci: PCI bus hardware
          lsscsi: SCSI devices
          fdisk: disk partitions
          sel-list: sensor event log
          megacli64: info about the hardware RAID controller, including LUNs, physical, and virtual disks

          With the exception of imageinfo, these are all standard Linux tools, and most Linux system administrators will be familiar with them.

          Although sundiag is part of the standard set of output Oracle support asks for, I have rarely seen support actually make recommendations based on the output. So I wouldn't say that the request for sundiag output suggests a specific avenue of analysis.

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            Thank you.