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    OAS 10R2 image copy migration

      Hi All,

      We have applications with Oracle forms and reports and connecting to an Oracle database. The OAS version used for this is OAS10gR2 on a Server with Solaris 9 OS. we are planning to upgrade to Solaris 10 version. i would like to know the following :

      1. If we perform a live upgrade from Solaris 9 to Solaris 10 on the existing server, will there be a need to reinstall OAS on the server? Also will there be a need to recompile and install all the fmb and mmb files? (will the existing fmx still work with OAS after upgrade of OS without any modification?)

      2. If we perform an image copy of the existing server (Solaris 9, OAS 10R2 and fmx, mmx etc) onto a new server hardware and then do a live upgrade of the OS on new h/w to Solaris 10, will there be a need to reinstall the OAS? and will there be a need to compile the form and reports to have new executable?

      The current server is a physical dedicated server and we are planning to retain the same architecture after migration as well.

      Thanks in advance!