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    Clean prompt field problem - OBIEE 11g

      Hello guys!

      We are facing this issue: we have a prompt with 3 fields: Name, Document Number, Account Number. Each of this three identifies a person. We have an "or" relation between these fields. So, if I put Name, I don't want put Doc Number, etc.
      So, the problem is when I had filtred by Name (for example) and last, I want filter by Acc Number, so, I must "clean" Name field (like using "backspace" on text in prompt) and last select an Account Number. When I click "go", report doesn't filter by any field, and gets all rows in results.

      I think that this problem is because when we "clean" Name field, and try to filter again, it is putting "null" instead of default value in "name" field.

      Any ideas? It is possible to "intercept" filter values and convert that "null value" in "zero value" or "generic value"?

      Thanks for your time!