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    Error If Wrong Decimal Seperator

    Gus C
      I am using Apex 3.2

      Our database and apex instances are set up to use a decimal point in number values (NLS_LANGUAGE = AMERICAN)
      A lot of our users are German and in Germany they use a comma as the decimal seperator.
      When ever they enter a comma instead of a point, I need to give an error on the page.
      At the moment in our page processes, we use
        when others then
         if sqlcode=-6502 
             :P9_ERROR:='Please use points as decimal separator';
         end if;
      :P9_ERROR is a hidden page item and then in the process success message, we put &P9_ERROR.

      Is there a better way to do this.
      The error message ust appear on the page and not on the error page



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