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    SDDM - transformation scripts - building DFD (external agents)


      I have some troubles in creating external agents or information stores.

      When I've tried to do this script:

      processModel = model.getDesign().getProcessModel();
      dfd = processModel.getDataFlowDesigns().getByName("DFD_x");
      if(dfd == null){
           dfd = processModel.addDataFlowDesign("DFD_x");

      prc = dfd.getProcessSet().getByName("proc_1");
      if(prc == null){
           prc = dfd.createProcess();

      var ea = dfd.getExternalAgentSet().getByName("ExtAg_A");
      if(ea == null){
           ea = dfd.createExternalAgent();

      Everything is creating but ExtAg_A is not shown on diagram DFD_x after opening it.
      When I delete from navigation tree object: ExtAg_A and while DFD_x is opened and focused, when i run the script again, the object ExtAg_A is created and draw on the diagram.

      Is there a solution how can I create External Agents without opening DFD diagram?