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    Blank image when overflow image is not triggered

      I have a form where there are several overflow images being used but if any one of those overflow images are not triggered then I need to trigger a blank image to take it's place. I have tried several different scenarios using the SETRCPTB to trigger the blank images if the overflow images don't exist. I also tried using SubForms but I have never used them before and the documentation is not clear to me...so I'm not sure if that's the right path. I have used posttransdal in the past, but there wasn't any overflow involved.

      Does any one have suggestions on how to handle?
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          Vamshi Mundla
          Hi User,

          Please find the below suggestions.

          If you have a script for handling overflow, the insert an else condition stating if countrec is equal to "0" do an addimage for the blank section.


          Add the Blank image in the form where ever necessary and have a trigger for the blank image if counter is equal to zero then return(1). or you can do this through Manual trigger as well.

          X = Countrec("!/XYZ")

          If ( X = 0)

          Vamshi Mundla
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            Mr Peabody-Oracle
            Say you already have a trigger named "Incl_When_Positive" that will return 0 or 1 (or whatever non-zero count) when you want to include your non-blank section. The blank section just needs its own trigger, named "Incl_When_Negative", that does something like this:

            IF INCL_WHEN_POSITIVE() = 0

            This way, you can modify your non-blank section trigger in any way, and at any time, without having to then modify the "negative" condition.