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    BCC Deployment Production Timer

      We have never been able to get our BCC deployment production timer to work. Since we want to deploy projects at midnight, someone has to manually deploy the timer at midnight. Here are the instructions we were given on setting this up:

      Create project
      Click “Ready for Review”
      Click “ Approve Content”
      Click “Approve and deploy to staging”
      Click “ Accept staging deployment”
      Click “Approve for production deployment”
      Go to Admin Console
      Go to Production
      Click “To do”
      Check box next to project you wish to set a time for
      Click “Deploy selected projects”
      Enter date/time for deployment

      What happens from here is that the project moves to the last step of production, but it never takes the final step. Therefore, the changes in the project show on the site, but because it is stuck in the last step the project interferes with feeds and other projects.

      Any help would be appreciated.