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    RMAN Backups

      Hi All,
      Please help me.
      In our server we sheduled rman bakcups. Due to some space issue rman backup is failed on 2nd Nov 2012. Today only we found that.
      But in archive destination some archive logs are missing. But our database is still up and running fine. when I am trying to take backup with archive logs, some archive are missing--- rman throwing error message.

      Please let me know, is there any possibility to take backup with current archive log and after that we reshedule the backups same as in the past.

      Please help me......very urgent.....

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          Run crosscheck archivelog all

          Crosscheck to make RMAN know that this file(s) is not available for backup anymore :

          RMAN>crosscheck archivelog all;

          Then try to run your backup again. Don't sleep until you have a good backup. Next time consider posting your exact Oracle version, OS version, the error's you are getting etc.

          Also "space issue" is very vague. Space in your FRA? OS space in general? Both? Before trying a backup how much cleanup do you need to do and how do you plan on doing it?

          One more tip. Posting anything as "Urgent" will generally get you nothing but negative feedback. Search the General forum for "urgent" and you'll see what I mean.

          Best Regards


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          very urgent

          Since you have provided no feedback or new information in the last 15 hours I'm finding this hard to believe.

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            1) Fix your space issue
            3) Any missing archivelogs are gone. Use the new full backup as your restore point.
            4) Pray you don't need to restore back to 2-Nov.
            5) If you do, you may also need to execute: alter DBA update resume;

            the last statement because as a DBA, monitoring backups is imperative. It is NOT OPTIONAL and I would terminate a DBA that allowed failed backups to persist for > 1 month.

            Even though I typically have a separate archivelog backup that executes, I also ensure that they are available at the OS level and ensure that there is a separate OS backup of the archivlog and backup destinations to tape for just such a scenario. Anything less is negligence.

            With 11gR2 if you are on ASM, you can (as of have your backups and archivelog destination on ACFS (in RAC environments). If Standalone ASM, then just make sure you have a sufficiently sized file system to accommodate your backups and archivelogs. Remember, doing proper database backups of all files via RMAN or COLD backup or whatever is NON-NEGOTIABLE. If your sys admin or management is skimping on storage, then they deserve the inevitable outcome - a corrupt and non-recoverable database.
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              Levi Pereira
              Hi Michael,
              With all due respect to you, but I think we should rethink when try to help (or spend time) some people in the forum.
              If it's a technical matter...no problem, but if it's support with "urgent" matters should be completely ignored.

              You're an awesome professional. In the business environment the help that you supply here has a very high cost ($$$) and you do this for free.

              Let us value our knowledge ... that we take years to acquire it.

              Levi Pereira

              Are Oracle Discussion Forums for obtaining support from Oracle?
              No; Oracle Discussion Forums are designed for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing only; people with urgent support matters should always use MetaLink. (There are rare exceptions: users of some free products, such as Oracle SQL Developer and Oracle Database XE, do in fact use Oracle Discussion Forums as their support channel.)

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                Thanks for the kind words and the feedback. Point taken.

                If it helps boredom is a large part of it.

                Best Regards