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    forms 6i runtime installation

      Dear all,

      could anyone tell me how to install forms 6i runtime only?

      i find one solution as below, but the (+) sign as mentioned does'nt exists.

      Following is a 3 step procedure to install Forms and Reports 6i on the Client's PC....

      1. Using the Forms/Reports Oracle CD:
      - load the CD into the CD-unit (and Oracle Installer launches)
      - when prompted, enter an Oracle_Home and directory where to load Oracle Forms Runtime
      - When the installer displays the products to install, select Oracle Forms. Click on the + to expand the Oracle Forms product
      - In the expansion look for Oracle Forms Runtime and click on it. This is the only product you will need to select as Oracle will load all dependent (additionally required) products) with the Runtime product.
      - Click on Install... Oracle Forms Runtime will install

      2. Modify the Registry
      - Left click on Start and then Run
      - Enter regedit
      - Expand the HKEY LOCAL MACHINE
      - Expand SOFTWARE
      - Go down to Oracle and click on it
      - Look for FORMS60_PATH and click on the icon
      - add in the directory where the Forms executable (.fmx) modules reside and clck OK when done
      - close the Registry window... no need to reboot the machine

      3. Create the directory to hold the Forms runtime executables (.fmx and .mmx modules). Copy all the Forms files (.fmx and .mmx) into this directory.
      Create a desktop icon and set the target to launch the Forms 60 runtime using the Start Form (.fmx) in the specified directory. For example:
      C:ORANTBINifrun60.EXE c:app1modulesstart_form.fmx