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    RUEI - IP Address Origin

      Hello all,

      Currently to use map functionality on the RUEI dashboard, I have to "hardcode" the IP address origin.

      However, in an actual deployment network environment, will I still need to hardcode the IP address or will the map reflect the country origin as it comes through RUEI?



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          Dear Nathan,
          the network location is determined based on the Maxmind geological IP address database that comes with your RUEI installation.
          If your RUEI installation is rather old and therefor the Maxmind IP database in place got outdated, or you are monitoring client networks from the private class ranges (,, of IETF/IANA, then you would need to upload a network mapping table to RUEI.

          I have a blog post online which explains the principle for the so called client named locations.

          You may have to read a bit more on the details for ip address origins, though.

          I found the below information taken from the Maxmind developer site to be very useful when setting up IP address origins in RUEI 12c3.

          It should be noted that we are actually using the Maxmind database (http://dev.maxmind.com/geoip/csv) and therefor our convention follows FIPS 10-4 for most countries worldwide, except for US and CA.
          In fact FIPS 10-4 eventually follows ISO-3166-2 for regions inside the US and Canada, while it uses its own notation/numbering scheme for most other countries. This is also true for the RUEI and Maxmind IP databases which you will need to follow when you want to configure IP address origins in RUEI. See http://dev.maxmind.com/static/maxmind-region-codes.csv for the complete list of region codes.

          This info is in the User Guide:

          e.g. ip_address_origin.txt:
          #IP address Subnet mask Country code Region code City name <-- remove this line from your upload file!!!
 DE DE-01 Stuttgart
 US US-CA San Francisco

          The Country code and Region code will be translated as follows to your reports/map:
          US,"United States"

          Kind regards,
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            Dear Stefan,

            Okay understood. Let me try that bit out.

            Thank you for your reply and assistance.

            I have marked this question as answered!

            Thanks Stefan!