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    FRM-41211 integration error

      When we are calling Oracle report builder 6i report from Oracle forms 6i first time it gives us a FRM-41211 integration error. It's urgent.
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          the problem in u r code please check u r run_product();

          and also try something like this.
          FRM 41211 Integration Error: SSL Failure Running Another Product.
          "Frm-41211 Integration Error Ssl Failure Running Another Product" error while calling a report from form that is invoked by a shortcut place in the desktop. The Form runs fine when running from forms builder. 
          This is caused by the incompatibility introduced by the shortcut settings in XP. 
          In the Properties of the shortcut goto Compatibility-->Compatibility Mode tab. There uncheck the "Run this program in compatible mode for..." option. This will revert the default compatibility. This solves this issue. . 
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            We are running our application on Windows server 2003. "Run this program in compatible mode for..." option is already unticked. Only one user is facing this problem our another users are running these report successfully.
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              I got this error when a try to run on Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bits).
              Exists a patch to contour this ?
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                Same problem here, on 2008 R2. I know it is not supported by Oracle, but is there any workaround?

                Thanks in advance.
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                  I am having the same problem with 2008 R2. I really cannot go back to 2003, There must be some way!!
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                    Found a solution.

                    Simply get nn60.dll and nnb60.dll. from forms&reports patch 3 and earlier. The problem is quickly solved.
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                      I just started getting this error last week. We've got a print job running on an XP machine and sending to a printer on another XP machine. Everything worked just fine until a week ago! Where do I find the two .dll files you referenced below? Please and thanks!