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    Can 2 instances of OBIEE 11g reuse the same 7001 Weblogic Port?


      I'm installing 2 instances of OBIEE in the same BI_HOME.

      I have completed the installation of WLS 10.3.6 and have done a S/W only install of OBIEE

      Have used the config wizard to set up the first instance (Instance1) using the staticports.ini file, with all the values set as the default ones.

      I now have to configure the second instance (Instance2) in the same BI_HOME.

      I have created a new staticports.ini file, and have incremented all the default port values by 20 to create the new ports for Instance2.

      My question is, since i am re-using the same Weblogic Server for Instance2, should the Weblogic port remain as 7001, or should this also be changed to a new value?