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    EJB 3.0 local lookup from POJO in WLS Cluster


      I'm developing on JDeveloper Studio Edition Version and deploying to a WebLogic 10.3.5 Cluster.

      I have developed an EJB 3.0 stateless session bean and I need to invoke it from a POJO within the same EAR, specifically an ADF EntityImpl Class.

      Up to this point, I've only invoked EJBs using injection via an @EJB annotation, and have never done a full lookup.

      Could somebody please provide a verbose instruction on how to obtain invoke an EJB 3.0 SLSB via local interface from a POJO when running on a WLS cluster?

      As I see it I have two problems to solve.

      1) Obtaining a reference to the initial context in a cluster.
      2) Using that to get a reference to the local interface of the bean, which I don't think is on the global JNDI tree.

      Many thanks.

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