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    AD Integration - Login problem

      Hi all,

      I have created an user in AD as:

      Username    : test.user (test dot user)
      Displayname : test user (test space user)

      Then created a group BIusers and added test.user as a member into it.

      I have imported users and group from AD to console. *(AD users - username not displayname)*

      For example: test.user has been imported

      I was able to login  into answers as test user , but not as test.user

      Kindly help me to overcome this.

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          I think you might have configured ad settings wrong.
          Check your config with this link

          If helps pls mark and update where it went wrong
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            Are you certain there isn't another user with username=test user in AD? Also, when you configured AD Authentication, can you see test.user in Admin Console? I'm assuming you can since you mapped that user to a group in EM after configuring AD but confirm anyway.
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              Hi Veeravalli,

              Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay.

              I have imported two users from AD. For eg : test.user and sample.user

              Projects allocation to these users are maintained by an table.

              sample.user has no projects, but test.user has allocated projects.

              I was able to login to analytics as sample.user but not as test.user

              But in test instance (Windows) , I was able to login as both users. Data restriction also works fine.

              Login problem is only in production (IBM AIX)

              Kindly help me ASAP.

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                Are you able to see the test.user under Users and Groups in weblogic console in the Production instance ( IBM AIX ) ?

                Please let us know.

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                  I have used sAMAccountName to import users and cn to import groups. Then in EM in security provider configuration given virtualize=true,
                  Then restarted the admin server and biserver.

                  Now test.user is able to login.