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    Authenticating while running ADM reports afer upgrading from 10g to 11g.

      Dear All,

      I installed 11g database in windows2008 64bit OS and import one user from 10g database and imported successfully without any warnings, but when aim connecting this user ,on front end application dev6i for forms & reports its authenticating evrerytime when we selecting and running any forms and reports …

      On further troubleshooting found that there is CASE SENSITIVE parameter has to be false when your importing any user from 10gdatabase, so did change the parameter and everything seems ok

      But in the ADMINISTRATIVE roles ADM REPORTS, its still seems the same issue authenticating user and password as you can see above…

      Installed latest Patch18 for dev6i to support 11gdatabase but still have the same problem…..
      Kindly let me know how to overcome from this issue …..


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