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    Single Node RAC on

      Hi All,
      i have implemented Rac One node with two machine(dbtest01,dbtest02) in Redhat 5.3 one for online another one for offline. i have created TAF also.

      dbtest01 is online and created one query

      i number(36):=1;
      end loop;

      i executed above query for test and i made relocate database using srvctl utility to dbtest02 machine.

      session is relocated successfully with new session id...
      above query getting stop in 25000 itself.
      i want to make it continue that process...
      also i tried to find Omotion utility in all the path.. couldn't find it... where will it be..
      i want to relocate all the session without losing work.

      from application i am getting disconnect after relocation.. application server need to restart to get work again...
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          Hi Friend

          Point 1 : Omtion utility will not come with Oracle Binaries. We have to download the separate patch for that.

          Patch is : p9004119_112010_<OS>
          example : p9004119_112010_LINUX

          To use Oracle RAC One Node Utilities, you must apply patch 9004119 to your database home.

          NOTE: You must have Oracle RAC software home on any node in the cluster where you could relocate (using Omotion) the Oracle RAC One Node instance or where it could failover to if the original node fails. You will be asked for this candidate list of nodes during the initialization of Oracle RAC One Node.

          Solution is :

          *1. Download the above patch*
          *2. Download the this document - "ug_raconenode-2009.pdf" (Step By St*ep Document)

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            My DB Version is , how can i apply patch version.

            i think i should implement FAN Technology.. to get HA without loss of users work.. if you aware of FAN implementation tell me..
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              I have same situation, I have Rac One Node and I am not able to find the RAC One Node utilities patch.


              I know that patch 9004119 its for, but where is the patch for ?


              Thank you in advance