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    Preparing the schedule in other language


      Can anybody please kindly guide me how to wirte the activities in Arabic font (other than English), as i have to prepare a schedule in Arabic Font and i cannot do it in P6 and aslo when i import the schedule form P3 to P6 in Arabic font, it cannot be readible, please kindly advise

      Thanks for your kind support

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          Within P6, you should be able to select Arabic font in Table Font and Row.

          If that is not working, go to the administrative settings on your computer....Control Panel > Region and Language. Under the Formats tab, choose Arabic. Under the Keyboards and Languages tab, click on Change keyboards. This should open a new window called Text services and Input Languages. Under Default input language, choose Arabic. If that is not an available option, you need to add it in the Installed Services section below Default input language. Once you've done this, go back to the Default input language section above and choose Arabic.

          This should resolve the issue. Hope this helps!