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    Horizontal Scroll bars are disappearing in Scheduling Gantt on IE8

      Hi, we are using a dvt:schedulingGantt for a customer. The query is returning more rows than can display in the schedulingGantt. The vertical scrollbar displays fine. However the horizontal scrollbars in the panel splitter panes appear briefly before the query completes, then disappear. The second (rightmost) panel splitter pane has a timeaxis and needs the horizontal scrollbar. The leftmost or first panel splitter pane contains the table columns fully and does not need the horizontal scrollbar. However on FF and Chrome, the timeaxis splitter pane has a horizontal splitter pane correctly, and the leftmost splitter pane has a non-functional horizontal scrollbar to match the one on the timeaxis (presumably so that both splitter pane contents can remain in sync when scrolled vertically).

      I have looked at this in firebug and cannot figure out how to correct this in IE8. So in essence, this is broken in IE8. We do not have any more real estate to enlarge the scheduling gantt, so we need a fix for this problem ASAP. Any help will be much appreciated. In case I have confused the issue with my explanation, in IE8 only, when the query returns more rows than can physically display, the horizontal scrollbars appear briefly before the query completes. When the query completes, the horizontal scrollbars disappear. Vertical scrolling works fine, but horizontal scrolling (which is necessary), is impossible.

      Gary Kind