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    Cannot change database connection in Jdeveloper...

    Kristofer Cruz
      I am trying to add the SQL statement to a view object in jdeveloper. When I double click on the view object, a login screen comes up with apps user and the password. I click OK and it says "Connecting to ECRP". However ECRP is not a valid instance any more. I then get the message " Io exception: the Network Adapter could not establish the connection."

      I have gone into the project properties and set the database connection and runtime connection to use an instance that is valid (EDEV). What is odd is that I can run the page and it connects to EDEV. However when I double click to edit a VO it tried to connect to ECRP.

      I am using jdeveloper

      Build JDEVADF _10.

      ADF Business Components
      AOLJ     FND R12.1.3 (8919491)
      BPEL Designer (Build 070615.0525)
      BiBeans Runtime
      Build Type     Optimized
      CVS Version     Internal to Oracle JDeveloper (client-only)
      Java(TM) Platform     1.5.0_05
      MDS Runtime     9.0.6 (Build OJTMDS_9.0.6_NT_100323.1517.45)
      OA Extension     10.1.3 (Build OAEXT_MAIN_NT_100429.1954.1314)
      OA Framework     12.1.3 (R1213XB4_1_4)
      Oracle IDE
      Struts Modeler Version
      UIX Runtime (Build 100218.1937)
      UML Modelers Version
      Versioning Support

      Has anyone else seen this before?